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MDVA Leadership Council

Maryland & Virginia's Board of Directors established a Leadership Council of elected members to improve dialogue and feedback from the membership.

The council is comprised of 105 total members, or 21 members from each district.

Leadership Council members serve three year terms beginning in January. They are required to attend Winter and Summer Leadership Council Meetings as well as the Annual Meeting and their local District Meeting.

Nominations for the Board of Directors were conducted at the District Meetings in October.

Ballots have been mailed to all members. Please note that ballots must be postmarked by the specified deadline to be counted.

Districts 1, 2, and 3 – November 26

District 4 – November 22

District 5 – November 27

To view current Leadership Council members and their terms, please log in to the Member Portal HERE.

Director Nominations

District 1 Director Nominee

  • Brian Detwiler, Altoona, Pennsylvania

District 2 Director Nominee

  • David Pool, Robesonia, Pennsylvania
  • Jennifer Lawrence, Nottingham, Pennsylvania

District 3 Director Nominee

  • Matt Hoff, New Windsor, Maryland

District 4 Director Nominee

  • Roddy Purser, Marshville, North Carolina

District 5 Director Nominee

  • Fred Rowe, Columbia, Kentucky

Leadership Council Nominations

District 1 Leadership Council Nominees

  • Wayne Cessna, Clearville, Pennsylvania
  • Eric Frederick, Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Lavon Martin, Williamsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Chester Martin, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
  • Lauren Mosemann, Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Tim Stoner, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

District 2 Leadership Council Nominees

  • Daniel Blank, Quarryville, Pennsylvania
  • Samuel K. Esh, Drumore, Pennsylvania
  • Troye Kirk, Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
  • Dwayne Martin, New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania
  • John Petersheim, Manheim, Pennsylvania
  • Steven K. Stoltzfoos, Ronks, Pennsylvania
  • David K. Stoltzfus, Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
  • Austin Zimmerman, Richland, Pennsylvania
  • Marvin Lee Zimmerman, East Earl, Pennsylvania

District 3 Leadership Council Nominees

  • Crystal Edwards, Westminster, Maryland
  • JR Hess, Boonsboro, Maryland
  • Charlie Patterson, Chestertown, Maryland
  • Austin Schwartzbeck, Union Bridge, Maryland
  • Cathleen Wastler, Union Bridge, Maryland
  • Kelli Savage Welsh, Knoxville, Maryland

District 4 Leadership Council Nominees

  • Billy French, Maurertown, Virginia
  • Andy Gray, Stony Point, North Carolina
  • David Hardesty, Berryville, Virginia
  • Andrew Lail, Vail, North Carolina
  • Lynn Mann, Pittsboro, North Carolina
  • Kevin Phillips, Waynesboro, Virginia
  • Rhonda Ware, Crewe, Virginia

District 5 Leadership Council Nominees

  • Herbert Lutz, Chester, South Carolina
  • Bill Nance, McConnells, South Carolina
  • Andrew Peachey, Bartow, Georgia
  • Scott Putt, Stonecreek, Ohio